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            Vibrations is a documentary series that profiles contemporary singer-songwriters and practitioners of traditional musical forms while revealing regional music cultures around the world.  The series reveals how music builds healthy communities, rejuvenates individuals, and functions as a preserver and innovator of culture. Inspirational in nature, Vibrations emphasizes the healing power of music and its ability to create positive individual and social change. Through our 30-minute episodic format, Vibrationsintends for distribution in commercial broadcast, webcast, and educational markets.

The mission


Connecting the world through music.

  • Connect and inspire people through music

  • Share innovative, original music from upcoming and underrepresented artists

  • Promote and preserve traditional musical forms

  • Listen to the life stories of musicians around the globe

  • Witness the power of music to change peoples’ lives

  • Educate new generations of musicians and cineastes

  • Help music spread messages of peace, justice and unity

While discovering music from around the world, you see that it's much more than just sounds and ensembles being put together. It's a movement, and "Vibrations" shows more than ever how much the world needs to stick together. Below is listed 7 of our mission based goals: ​

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